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Banner showing the Acer Aspire C24 All-in-One Desktop computer with it's main specifications.

The Acer Aspire C24 All-In-One Desktop Computer

The Acer Aspire C24 All-in-One Desktop PC on a dark grey background showing off it's excellent design and nearly seamless screen.

Choosing a computer for use at home.

When it comes to home desktop computers, various decisions have to be made regarding size, space, performance and storage. It's often quite complicated, and you'll have to choose the size of your screen, the computer itself, all the peripherals, cables and so on. 

To make life a little easier, Acer have created this desktop all-in-one machine that ticks all of the right boxes. The computer is built into the screen, includes all required cables and comes with the peripherals you'll need! The speakers are built in, so is the webcam and microphone, the display is part of the machine and to top it off, Acer have included extremely reasonably priced, high performance parts!

Why this matters?

The Acer C24 All-In-One is a top choice for general home use computing thanks to the culmination of design, space saving and performance all rolled into a machine that can handle everything you'll need to do at home - save high end gaming.

The computer includes the popular 11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor, paired with 8GB of fast 3200MHz RAM and even includes a graphics card - the GeForce MX450. 

It's perfect for your home office, where this All-in-One can really shine. Desktop tasks such as word processing and crunching numbers are a breeze, Netflix and other streaming software look excellent on the display and some light gaming is possible thanks to the dedicated graphics card. 

Video conferencing has never looked better either, thanks to the full HD webcam with integrated microphone. You're secure too thanks to the included webcam cover. Acer covered a lot of bases with this PC. 

Not only that, but kids love it too, it's easy to use, especially so with the familiar Windows operating system, but more importantly, it's fast enough to keep up with them. Be it learning or playing, the computer will handle online courses, web based games and dedicated games like Minecraft or Roblox with ease. 

If you're looking for your next computer, an upgrade or a general purpose system for use at home, this Acer All-In-One is a great choice. 

How much does it cost?

We've managed to source several of these machines at a really low price point and we're passing the savings on. You'll typically see this computer online for much more. You can grab a bargain today and purchase the Acer Aspire C24 All-In-One Desktop for just: £699 using the link here.

Acer Aspire C24 All-In-One Desktop Computer in use on a desk with video conferencing open on screen.

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